We have the experience it takes to
develop winning communications strategies.

Strategic Communications

Knowing what drives news cycles, policy changes and buying decisions requires broad experience in business and government communications. Communications strategies aren’t created in a vacuum. They require understanding the full context of factors that impact the decision-makers. Knowing what messages motivate decision-makers to act is essential to any organization’s success in the public sector.

We develop and implement sound strategic communications strategies based on thorough research, concise message development and a keen focus on identifying the right messengers for the audience. Whether impacting public policy or selling products and services in the public sector, a comprehensive communications strategy is vital. We can help get you there.

Aligning State and Federal Tax Laws

When one of the largest corporations in the world faced an unfavorable financial situation due to inconsistent federal and state tax laws, we helped remove an impediment with far-reaching consequences. Due to these changes, it's easier to do business in North Carolina.

Impacting Healthcare Regulations

Overly aggressive regulatory enforcement can stifle productive business activity. Such actions jeopardized the continuation of a health insurance program that provided North Carolina small businesses with affordable insurance for their employees. We helped change a state law to balance program operations with effective regulatory oversight.

Protecting A Company's Welfare

Aggressive litigation caused an iconic American company to sell two North Carolina plants and eliminate thousands of jobs nationally. We worked to establish reasonable caps on liability to ensure that the company was not run out of business by frivolous lawsuits.

Building Public-Private Partnerships

Technology-driven economic development is a cornerstone strategy for job creation in North Carolina. We helped a non-profit wireless technology testing facility build a public-private partnership and secure a multimillion dollar investment in a state-of-the-art technology incubator.

Communicating Business Success

Communicating the impact of a $100 million private equity investment in a home-grown North Carolina technology start-up requires a multi-faceted communication plan for customers, prospects, employees and the state. We helped a growing cloud computing company announce the largest recent investment in a technology start-up by recruiting North Carolina’s Governor to help spread the good news.

Winning Government Business

Competing for government contracts requires an in-depth understanding of a complex procurement process. One of the nation’s leading IT companies relied on our expertise to win the state’s largest technology contract.

Expanding Critical Business Interests

Developing and Implementing strategic policy and communications programs can help establish a company as a true corporate citizen. Our work with a leading Internet company has helped them deliver on a promise to serve the communities in which they live and work, and to become a leading voice in the future growth of North Carolina.

Preserving a Treasured Landmark

The preservation of historic landmarks is fundamental in defining who we are and what we value. One of North Carolina’s historic lighthouses, once abandoned by the federal government, is now owned and operated by a local non-profit dedicated to its preservation. As a result of an action plan we helped implement, the lighthouse is in good hands and open to visitors for years to come.